Thursday, August 30, 2012

SPECIAL Pin of the Day for 8/30/12

Okay, this is not exactly frugal but...It's sooooooo pretty...and I want it soooooo bad! It's Fiestaware's newest color-FLAMINGO! (caps added by me!)
I just love, love, LOVE the color!

I've always wanted to invest in some Fiestaware but never had the dinero to do so. Okay, so I don't have it right now either, but this new color makes me want to pinch pennies, recycle soda cans and stand on the freeway off ramp with a sign that says "Will Work For Fiestaware".

Just kidding about the sign.

I think.

Gotta thank that Pioneer Woman, Ree Drummond for bringing this new color to my attention! Please check out her write up about this Fiestaware on her blog, I know she'd be thrilled you stopped by.

I think.

No, I'm sure!

I'm off now to check the neighbor's garbage for cans to recycle.

Just kidding about the cans.

I think.


  1. Hi I couldn't find a contact page so I'm posting this here. Although I could say it's relevant because if you follow the plan taught in this class, you can probably save up for fiestaware and buy a set without guilt and without having to live (or beg) on the street.

    I am also a frugal gal living in orange county. I have always been frugal but didn't have control of my money. My plan was to just spend as little as possible. My frugal ways just fit into this. I now have an emergency fund and am socking money like crazy toward a down payment. I think your readers would benefit from this. If they aren't in the area, they can also search for classes in their town.

  2. Hi Becky! Thank you for your comment. I'm a Dave Ramsey fan, been following his program for years! I was being very "tongue in cheek" about my methods for saving for the Fiestaware. Truth is, I have 3 sets of dinnerware, including fine china, that I don't use and I have no real NEED for another set of dishes. I did however, order a Fiesta Flamingo Java Mug to satisfy my want of the new Fiesta color!
    Thanks for stopping by and Have a great day!