Thursday, May 10, 2012

Boots and Stuff

The adorable convertible combat boots that my daughter purchased from arrived with manufacturing defects (missing a lace hook and popped stitching on the toe). She was so bummed, she had planned on wearing them with several outfits on our upcoming vacation. I emailed the Go Jane customer service department yesterday afternoon and received a reply this morning. I figured that I would have to send them back at my cost before they could do an exchange or refund, so in my email I asked if it would be possible to get a credit for the return shipping since it was defective merchandise. Much to my surprise, they are shipping out a new pair for her and we don't have to return the defective pair. I love a good customer service outcome!

Yesterday, while the Hubster was checking over our truck in preparation for our vacation (Yes, I am consumed with vacation preparations!) he noticed that the air conditioning on our 10 year old pick up wasn't getting very cold anymore. He did some internet research and then made some phone calls and ended up taking it up to a local (Christian owned) auto repair shop that had several good reviews on Yelp. The mechanic was able to diagnose the problems-it needed a freon recharge plus the motor on the condenser fan was blown. The mechanic took care of the recharge and then explained to the Hubster about the fan and gave him a quote of over $400 to replace it. He also told my hubby that it was something he could easily replace himself in about an hour. Mr. "Gem of a Mechanic" suggested to my hubby that he shop around for the part because the dealer price ($200)  was probably about twice what he would pay at an auto parts store.
While the Hubster was on the phone getting prices of between $89 and $109 I hit the internet and found it for $67 plus shipping. Hubster called the customer service line for the parts website and talked to them about shipping costs ($30)  and times (2-9 days) and found out that they ship out of a warehouse only 15 miles from us. Mr. "Gem of a Customer Service Agent" gave my hubby the phone number of the warehouse and he ordered the part directly and picked it up from them in under an hour saving big on both time and shipping costs. It's so nice to know that there are business out there that are dealing fair with their customers. Sure, the mechanic could have probably convinced the Hubster to have the work done at his shop, but by being honest he has won over a new customer-we will certainly think of his shop the next time we need to take a car in for service. And the customer service agent from the parts website has also earned a new customer for his company as well.

Also, I'm working on my review of the Reverse-A-Purse-look for me to be posting that very soon!

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