Saturday, May 5, 2012

This Week's Frugal Wins-Part 1

I did a bit (okay, a lot) of online shopping this month in preparation of our upcoming family vacation. As you might imagine, I love, love, LOVE to score a bargain and I love it even more when I can score multiple discounts on a purchase so this week I was in frugal hog-heaven!

One Stop Plus: I scored this adorable 3 piece set of shorts, capris and hoodie, regularly $59.99, on sale for $44.99. I used a 50% off coupon code (OSPFB9) to score the outfit for a bargain basement price of $22.49! To maximize my savings I used my 1.5% cash back debit card AND logged into One Stop Plus using my Big Crumbs account to score an additional 3.5% cash back. Total cost for each outfit- $21.36.
After it arrived I put it on and wore it around for the day and decided it was THE most comfortable outfit in my wardrobe so I went online and ordered a second one in Dark Taupe. My plan is to wear this during our 4 hour drive-it's comfy enough to stretch out/curl up in and nice enough to get out of the car and go into a casual restaurant in.

Next stop-Macy's: where I picked up these 2 blouses by Elementz:

Originally $44.00, on sale for $17.99. I used the Macy's Mother's Day discount code (MOM) for an additional 20% off to get it for a bargain basement price of only $14.39. I logged in for shopping using my Big Crumbs account for an additional 2.1% cash back and paid with my 1.5% cash back debit card for a final total of $13.87.  I think this little gem will look great with my blue jeans and boots for a fun and exciting night on the town!

This blouse was originally $44.00, on sale for $27.99. I used the Macy's Mother's Day discount code for the additional 20% off to bring the cost down to $22.39. With my Big Crumbs 2.1% and cash back debit card 1.5% the final cost on this blouse is only $21.58! I have both black and khaki slacks to wear this little beauty with!

The total original cost of my purchases (2-3piece outfits and 2 blouses) would have been $207.98. After subtracting the sale prices, discounts and cash back, my final cost for everything is only $78.17 saving me a whopping $129.81! That's a 62% savings over the original cost. Not bad for less than a half-hour of work on the computer!

Tomorrow I'll post my Frugal Wins from my daughter's online shopping spree at the Forever 21 and Go Jane websites.

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  1. The tops are cute! Good job on the big savings.