Sunday, May 6, 2012

Frugal Wins-Part 2

My daughter did pretty good on her purchases, she found some great wardrobe pieces at reasonable prices and she stayed within her budget, which always makes me smile!

Her purchases:

 Sitting Birds Tie Shirt

Floral Teardrop Top

Stretch Fit Denim Shorts

Zip Up Front Skirt

Exposed Shoulder Top

Original cost on her items was $73.80, she paid $55.28 which is 24% off the original prices. Add to that she got free shipping since her order was over $50. We used the cash back debit card (1.5%) and the Big Crumbs rebate will net us 2.8% back her final total cost is $53.13. 

After she completed this purchase, she headed over to and found these adorable convertible combat boots:

Original price: $29.10
Sale Price: $26.75
Purchased with the 1.5% cash back debit and a 4.2% rebate from Big Crumbs makes these boots a very good deal at only $25.22.

We found the Go Jane website by following a link in a Pinterest pin. So glad we did, the clothes are cute, trendy and reasonably priced.


  1. What a great idea to shop at Forever 21 online. I stopped in yesterday and the music was so loud that I could not focus. Yes, I am old.
    Thanks for your very nice mention of my site, More With Less Today in your Savings Strategies tab.
    I would love to exchange frugal ideas with you - some days I am staring at a blank screen and you have great ideas and a nice blogroll too!
    all my best, Lori @MWLT

  2. Hi Lori-
    I agree about the Forever 21 stores being loud-Loud and shopping don't work for me either!
    I was very happy to mention your website-you have a lot of great information on it. I follow you on Twitter and Facebook as well-Yikes, hope that doesn't sound like I'm a stalker! LOL
    Exchanging frugal ideas sounds great-I'm always looking for someone to bounce ideas off of.
    Thanks for stopping by!