Monday, May 28, 2012

I'm getting paid to shop!

Yes, that's right, I've gotten "paid" to shop ever since I joined Ebates and Big Crumbs. I earn cash back on online purchases at participating retailers. I just buy the stuff I would normally be buying only I log in through their websites and a few weeks after my purchases my account is credited with as much at 6% cash back! And in addition to the cash I make many of the websites offer additional discounts of as much as 20% for those who log in through these sites.

On the Ebates sign up page you can choose a gift card bonus when you sign up. It's for real, I got one for Home Depot when I signed up. It came in the mail a few weeks later and we used it towards stuff for our bathroom makeover.

Just so you know, they neither company has sent me any junk mail and  I'm not getting any annoying telemarketer calls...just cash! It's so easy to sign up and make some cash of your own!!! 
(FYI- I am not a paid spokes person for either company, this is just my personal endorsement based on my own personal experience, and remember, your mileage may vary.)

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