Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Backyard stuff

About yesterday's photos, they are shots of my backyard. The backyard I am transforming into a work of art that completely speaks to who I am...yeah riiiiiight! All kidding aside, I'm adding a few cute and kitschy elements to add interest to our worn and tired old yard:

This is the perrinial garden that the Hubster planted for me. Ignore the excess dirt around the edges and the empty containers in the background, it's still a work in progress. It has Delphinium, Alyssum, Geraniums and Ranunculus with room for some Poppies and Marigolds.


Our home was built in 1921 and this is thought to be the original bathtub. From what year exactly, we don't know for sure, but "sources" date it to somewhere between the 1930's and 1940's. We've been moving it around our backyard for the 33 years this house has been in our family and planting various types of plants in it every summer-I guess this would probably be considered my ultimate upcycle! This summer it will be home to my Roma Grape tomato plants. I have planted these in the tub in years past and they have done very well.  I thought about putting some Ivy Geranium (seen in background) in the tub, but my love for fresh tomatoes outweighs my love of Ivy Geranium...of which I have plenty. Tomatoes, not so much.

This is roughly how it will look this summer...much neater of course! 
Hoping to be able to plant this weekend, the "weather guessers" are predicting rain for Saturday so right now it's wait and see. 
More photos to follow as work progresses.

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