Friday, April 6, 2012

Discount Razors for real!

Have you ever heard of the Dollar Shave Club? Well, I hadn't either until last month. I saw a post on Facebook about how you can get men's (or ladies if you don't mind NOT having a pink handle on your shaving device) razors starting at $1 a month delivered by mail right to your home. I decided to use the Hubster's face as my test subject so I navigated to their website, ordered the $6 a month blades ($6.50 with tax and free shipping) and waited for the mail to arrive.
Once they arrived I handed them off to the Hubster and let him shave at will. He noticed right away that they were of the same quality as the ever so expensive brand he's been buying at the drug store. His Gillette Fusion blades cost him around $15 for 4 blades, which last him a month. So buying blades from the Dollar Shave Club will save us about $10 a month which is a 60% savings over the store brand giving us an annual savings of about $120. Sounds like a nice dinner out once a year or Taco bell twice a month for a year. Just sayin'. ;-)
Check out The Dollar Shave Club and tell me what you think...the video on their site alone is worth the visit!
And as soon as shorts wearing weather begins, I'll be ordering some dollar razors for myself...cuz I don't need no stinkin' pink handle for my razor!

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