Wednesday, April 11, 2012

What the heck????

I was about to embark on a new idea to post my favorite Pinterest pin of the day and I came across what I thought was a single pin anomaly. Upon further investigation (by way of a Google search for rock cozies) I found there are quite a few people making crochet covered rocks. Yes, there are people "out there" and I mean that in every way possible, crocheting covers for rocks.

Crochet Rock Pin

I also found crochet covered rocks on, Etsy

and on Ebay

And a website devoted to the crochet covered rocks as well.

I'm amused and confused by the crochet covered rocks. The artist whose blog I referenced may be on to something though, as I suddenly feel like I may have a use for all those scraps of yarn I have been hanging on to thinking that "someday" I'll find a project for them. Perhaps, finally I have. Of course I won't be leaving MY yarn embellished stones on beaches to be found, I'll most likely be leaving them on the piles of paper that litter my desktop, kind of like a warm and cozy, pre-historic organizing system. :-D

Tomorrow I'll start my Favorite Pin of the Day, I'll just enjoy this kitschy little discovery.


  1. I am one of those women who adore rocks. And I don't mean the diamond ones. I would much prefer a nice pretty rock than jewelry.

    1. I too love rocks, so much that I have a rock garden in my side yard! Each rock has a story of how it came to be in my garden.