Monday, April 30, 2012

Revisiting Vinegar

I have a friend who posted on her Facebook page the other day about how she discovered that white vinegar will clean the grout in her bathroom, and clean it well! If you've poked around my blog a bit then you've probably discovered my page about homemade cleaners.

Vinegar is my #1 go to for many of my cleaning chores around the house. I use it straight as fabric softener in the wash as well as to clean and neutralize pet accidents, I combine it with rubbing alcohol, water and a drop of dish soap for windows, counters and appliances and I use it mixed with water to clean my kitchen floors. I mix it 50/50 with Dawn dish soap to clean hard water stains and soap film off my tub and shower and I put a cup of it in my carpet steam cleaner to remove odors and stains-as a bonus it leaves the carpet soft and fluffy when it's dry. I also use it periodically as a rinse on my hair to remove hard water build up which dulls my color and makes my wavy hair look...well, not so much wavy as frizzy-and when my hair is dry there is almost no vinegar smell, I say almost because there is just a hint..and if I used some olive oil as a moisturizer I'd smell..well, kind of delicious if you're into salads!

Here is the link to The Vinegar Institute website where they have dozens of uses. At around $2.00 for a gallon, it's a safe, environmentally friendly and frugal product to have in your arsenal of cleaning supplies.

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  1. I use apple cider vinegar as a hair rinse too.